Who is robert pattionson dating dating cincinnati

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Robert is the one who ended it." Another source also confirms Pattinson initiated the break up.

"They bought a house together but then it was just not working out between them," the insider added.

"They talk on the phone regularly and make sure to see each other when they both aren't away working.

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"There isn't a rush to get married," the source shared.

"Fall plans turned into winter plans and now there are no specific plans, but they still plan on getting married."And just like that, another Hollywood love story bites the dust.

They lean on each other."It wasn't always downhill for the once-"inseparable" celebrity pair, as early on in their relationship a source described Robert and FKA as having a "special connection" over their mutual love for music.

And when breakup rumors plagued the duo exactly a year after things became romantic, our source assured us they were doing "just fine" and still on the path toward happily wedded bliss.

A source shed light on Robert's comments, telling E!

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