Is memphis bleek dating toya scorpio female dating pisces male

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Domestic violence is serious and instead of Memphitz showing any type of remorse for what he did, he so arrogantly continues to dogg her on a public forum. But with a response like that, it’s hard to believe he’s changed very much.

Memphitz Wright net worth: Memphitz Wright is an American producer who has a net worth of million dollars.

everybody has been at me about who the mysterious "Sexi Face" is. The two have been spotted around the ATL and I happen to think they are a pretty hot couple.

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He knows how I feel about her…I have nothing against that woman. Like…social media and the direct line of contact people have with your kids. Since day one, I’ve always kept it real with my daughter. I just didn’t think it was a good idea and I still stand behind that.

No, they’re not your friend, but you have to have some type of friendship. I’d rather do something based around my family and not people I don’t really know.

Michelle didn’t name names, she did disclose on the premiere that she used to be in love with a man who helped her get a $2 million dollar record deal but said he eventually ‘beat her a**’ and left her with nothing.” Memphitz was celebrating his anniversary in Paris when the show aired, but they don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing.

As Bossip reported: the music exec responded to the accusations via Instagram posting a photo of Pinocchio and saying: First of all, someone needs to tell Memphitz that telling a woman you “made” her makes you sound like a psycho, woman beater. Michelle could have let sleeping dogs lie, but her past is part of her story and she is free to talk about it. Michelle definitely took a road higher than most by skipping the opportunity to insinuate that Toya is with the same Memphitz she was.

Toya, who appears throughout the show, was shockingly candid when it came to discussing her troubled marriage to Memphitz, which has been the source of rumor and gossip for months. My husband is going through a lot right now and I’ll continue to pray for him in his situation and hope that it gets better for him. And if my daughter is with somebody and she truly loves them…I could see if she had infidelity issues or he beat her or something she couldn’t control, then I’d say that’s an unhealthy relationship and she should walk away.

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