Dating hina dolls

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While “ningyo” or human figurines can be traced to ancient Japanese rituals, it wasn’t until the Edo Period (1604-1868) that dolls truly flourished in Japan.

In the Heien Period (794-1185), dolls were displayed as talisman to bring good luck or treated as amulets when placed by children’s bedsides to absorb evil spirits and thus protect the kids.

In order to remove it from your own body, you need to toss the doll into a river.

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Artificial peach branches are put into two vases and set up between the Emperor and the Empress.

Also very common are Japanese garden trees that can be placed , not only on the top-tier.

On the top-tier you’ll find the imperial dolls (内裏雛, dairibina).

They represent the Emperor who is holding a ritual baton and the Empress with a fan in her hands.

There’s also a festival for boys in May called “Children’s Day” (Kodomo no Hi).

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