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What’s more, tai chi practitioners are also frequently reminded to “feel” the earth or be aware of the connection between their foot and the ground — something that can help them negotiate uneven surfaces more steadily and, possibly, to be a bit more grounded in their approach to life.

When most people think of tai chi (short for “T’ai Chi Ch’üan”) they usually imagine a group of older people moving in slow motion in a public park.

As it turns out, those muscles are also very important to balance.

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As such, the exercise is becoming a major line of defense against life-altering tumbles.

That's because recent government guidelines recommend exercise over other strategies like calcium supplements to prevent bone fractures related to falls, which means that getting serious about tai chi could be a very smart move indeed for those of a certain age.

So how do you apply tai chi movement into your regular workout routine?

“With tai chi, power starts from the center, expands in all directions outward and culminates in a blow," says Leve.

Leve often utilizes tai chi in his treatments, since it works with the systems of the body.

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