Kostenlose sexvideochats - The gridview fired event rowupdating which wasn t handled

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Text & "' AND COMMODITY like '%" & Drop Down Commodity. Text & "%' AND Contract_no LIKE '%" & Txt Box Contract No. If you want send me the code and I will see what I can do. Net compute the size of the paging with de row count of the grid, and the grid do it with the rowcount of the datatable or your data source, when debug the code check the row count and colum count and try to see if you get cells in your results with NULL data. Text & "%' AND Haulier LIKE '%" & Drop Down Haulier. good luck Paul Hernández My Page Index Changed event does not contain argument Grid View Page Event Args, instead it has Page Event Args ... I'm using The asp Net 2.0 gridview control, if you're using the visual studio 2005 select the control in the design view, go to the properties windows and select the event buton to display the events available for the control and the double click the pageindexchanging event to auto generate the prototype of the funtion in the or code behind page, and now you can write your code for the event Good luck This is the complete code in the Page Index Changing of the Grid View: Protected Sub Grid View1_Page Index Changing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Raise Post Back Event(String event Argument) 7 System.

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i have created a webpage with these controls: - 1 textbox : used to input a string to search information from database - 2 buttons : one is SEARCH and another is CANCEL - 1 Grid View : used to present the result of searching.

It also contains Edit collumn - 1 Sql Data Source named Sql Data Source1 with SELECT satement and UPDATE satement running well (I tested them already!

The purpose of the databind() method of the gridview in this event is to "re-update" the datasource of the grid. Hi Monko, I just took a quick look at your code and I can noticed the following: - You assigned the grid View data Source and call the method data Bind() twice try the following and if you have any problem tell me and I will run your code: hi, Please create one function named bind Grid() and put your code in that,in the following manner.

Data Bind() End Sub You write these two lines of codes inside this event.

Then bind the datasource Sql Data Source1 to the gridview in the function which is uesd to process the event Click of Search button Hope it works.

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