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And through the years, there’ve been some groundbreaking interracial hook-ups in the cinema world. Biracial, militant radical film student Samantha White (Tessa Thompson) hosts a controversial radio show called Dear White People where she routinely calls out the racist practices of her school and its White student body. follows African-American lesbian Cheryl, who works at a video store as she attempts to make a movie about a Black actress from the ’30s known for playing stereotypical “mammy” roles.

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Meanwhile, Margot Seaton (Dorothy Dandridge), who works as a Black clerk, catches the eye of a White governor’s aide.

Given the era, you can pretty much guess that things do not end well. (2001) Halle Berry’s Oscar-winning vehicle is also one of the most controversial films of the aughties.

Not only does he find the German-speaking Rachael intriguing, he is attracted to the stunning looker.

The couple share some pretty heartbreaking, dark secrets (haunting foster care experiences, an imprisoned father, sexual abuse…) and try to make it together on the outside, but quickly find out that their pasts may be too much to get around.

But back in ’57, a Black and White relationship could have severe legal implications, and in some cases death.

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