Dating is seriously not easy

by  |  14-Sep-2019 23:33

A quick straw poll of my friends, aged 28-35, have yielded an average of 2.6 partners prior to settling down.So, people in my friend circle, in the 28-35 age group, are looking at an average of dating 2-3 people before they consider getting married.In fact, some data from well-known marriage researchers say that happily married couples actually start getting hitched at around the 25 month point, but while another 2008 study found that most couples wait 2.8 years before they got married.

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It’s called delayed gratification, and it’s scientifically proven to be good.

If you use dating apps, you’re simply accelerating the process of meeting people, and running through your “natural filtration” process.

No score, streaming or ranking determines your constantly evolving human outcome to relationships.

So love isn’t a straight line…In fact, there is a very universality to the idea that human relationships are consistently in flux, even in the seemingly rock-solid relationships we see around us.

But honestly – We don’t have a complete understanding of what everyone is going through.

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