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I wanted to stay and watch her but mike yelled out,thats it were done with that marta left the room, I asked mike why did you make her leave.He said I couldn't help it my cock was starting to get hard,and I was afraid if it got hard she would know we set this wholescenerio up,we laughed about it later.

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I had told mike a few days before about a site that he could join to make extra money and maybe we could entice marta to check it out.

He did join the site,but said he did earn some money but it was mostly guys that sent him the money,and he wasn't intothat.

It had been along time since we had done anything worth writing about.

My wife marta was almost 40 years old now, And to dateshe has only touched two cocks besides mine.

The next morning when I picked him up he was wearing some loose shorts,when we got home we started on the ceiling lightsby noon we had everything ready to put our plan into action.

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