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by  |  15-Apr-2019 11:09

There are numerous myths around these extraordinary personalities that might affect your relationship in a negative way.

So get rid of all stereotypes before you start dating one of those beautiful women. It is much more common for single Ukrainian ladies to behave in an open and extroverted way than for Belarusian girls.

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They say that Ukrainian girls have nothing to lose because they live below the poverty line.

Of course, Ukraine is not as prosperous as, for example, the United States of America.

Some people believe that when Ukrainian women move to their husband’s place, they become boring hen-like housekeepers. If so, why would foreign men make marrying beautiful Ukrainian girls a popular trend then?

These women are so good for marriage because they worship family and create such a good climate in the house that a man is running home to feel their warmth and care.

This is just a part of their culture: even if a lady from this country has a limited budget, she will do her best to look like a queen.

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